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The future development of wood chipper

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With the rapid development of domestic forestry and wood industry, the price of log or wood waste increases with each passing day, so people make full use of all kinds of wood to do all kinds of wood processing. A combination of MDF, particleboard and wood cannot do without waste, the scrap furniture factory and waste recycling sheet after crushed into particles, sawdust, wood shavings, wood and recycled, so essential wood peeling machine equipment. Wood equipment enterprises also came into being, spread all over the country, the proportion of exports at home and abroad is relatively large, our company since 2008, our factory produces one of the series of wood crushing - wood, wood shavings machine exports accounted for 50% of sales.
I plant the production of a variety of wood products, according to customer needs to choose your timber mill equipment, suitable pulp mill, cymbals peeling machine, welcome to plant inspection, the spot test machine to see results, we have a dedicated test machine workshop
Wood peeling machine machine Zouping Xingtai Machinery Co. Ltd. is the production of a machine, adjust the sample materials suitable according to customer requirements and different purposes, all kinds of mill the grain size and size is adjustable.