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  • Wood Chipper

      Hot Selling Professional Wood Drum Chipper with CE Certification
      A Drum chipper is typically made of a hopper, up and down roller, rollers with blades, hydraulic system
      and an output system, which is normally a belt conveyor. The hopper servers as a safety mechanism to 
      keep human body away from the chipping blades. Wood chippers are normally removable, and being 
      mounted or welded on a frame with wheels, which can be towed by a truck. 
      Production line structure: 
      Drum chipper can process different kinds of raw material, such as slabs, branches, bamboo, wood logs, 
      cotton stalks, etc. Different model has different dimension of feed inlet. XINGTAI machinery has the 
      ability to offer customers whole chipping lines to meet different production demand. Customers can 
      adjust the output material size by changing the feeding speed, blade roller size and rolling speed, 
      and sieves, that will make it easy for hammer mill to process, thus easy for pellets production, and 
      other future processing.  

      Products information:  

      Final products high quality chips with even length and uniform thickness can be used for MDF industry, 

      paper and pulp industry, sawmills and veneer industry and biomass plants. 
      Before order the drum wood chipper, please kindly inform us belw information. 
      1.  please tell us your expection on production capacity, (kgs/h, or CBM/h).
      2. what are the diameter range of your raw materials, (mm) 
      3. what is your required size of  final wood chiper, (length / width / thickness) ? or please tell us your usage of final wood chips,  for paper plant,  power plant, fuel pellet & briquette making line.
      4. whether there are electric power supply in the working area, and the electric power (Voltage, HZ)
      5.  if your raw material also include branch, board, waste furnature, small wood block, and wood barks, please kindly tell us, we will give you the best suggestion. 

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