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Development trend of crusher technology and equipment

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The use of non metallic minerals depends on its deep processing mill, including superfine grinding, fine grading, fine purification and surface modification, which effectively ultrafine grinding is the premise and guarantee to carry out the deep processing. Therefore, the development of superfine grinding technology determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of non-metallic mineral products to a certain extent. After decades of research and development especially in recent ten years, non-metallic mineral industry has achieved great development, its processing technology improvement, narrowing the gap with developed countries, basically can meet the requirements of the quality of their own industry and related fields of raw materials needed. Ultrafine grinding and classification technology has been able to process 10~1 m of non-metallic mineral powder materials as needed. Mill all kinds of ultra-fine grinding and fine classification equipment mostly production, equipment performance and supporting technology gradually close to or reached the international advanced level, some of the equipment also has a new originality in the structure performance. The preparation technology of the mineral materials for grinding machines has been able to provide functional non-metallic materials for automobiles, paper making, rubber, plastics, machinery, ceramics, microelectronics, special coatings, aerospace, composite materials and other industries.