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Clean regularly inside the wood mill

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Wood crusher industry in rapid development, production has also increased accordingly, our factory is specializing in the production of wood crusher, shaving machine, chipper and other wood crushing equipment. As we all know, in order for the wood crusher to work in an ideal condition, we need to check the components regularly and replace them when necessary. Then, does the inside of the wood crusher need regular cleaning?
A lot of powder will be produced during the crushing of wood mill. These fine powder, part of it will be deposited in the wood grinder inside, such as tuyere, motor, internal and so on. This will affect the normal operation of the wood crusher, blocked seriously, it may also lead to the whole device's collapse, so that the machine can not start properly. Therefore, we need to clean the inside of the wood crusher regularly, so as to keep the machine clean.
Well, here comes the question. How often do we have to clean it up? The general wood crusher needs cleaning once a week after work, and requires a larger scale of maintenance and maintenance after one month of work. If your wood mill is operating over an extended period of time, the cycle of cleaning and maintenance should be properly shortened. Also, it is better to have the staff check it carefully before starting, and then make second more tasks to make sure there is no greater wear.