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Introduction of parameters of granulator

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The granulating mechanism has the advantages of quick granulation and good effect. The filter screen for designing special holes is carefully screened, and the friction filter rod can crush, sieve and filter the solid particles, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Instead of swing granulator, the utility model is a new generation of granular equipment.
he granulator is mainly composed of feeding, stirring, granulating, transmission and lubrication system. The working process is in line with the requirements of powder moisture content of not more than 15%, from the hopper into the feeding auger, by adjusting the stepless speed regulation of motor speed, obtain the appropriate material flow, and then into the blender, quenching through the stirring rod stirred and mixed with steam, if you need to add molasses or grease from the mixing drum joined together with tempering steam, oil content of less than 3%, otherwise it is difficult to forming, quenched with powder temperature is 64~85 DEG C, humidity up to 6% 14~l. Then, through the chute, through the optional iron absorption device, to remove iron impurities mixed in the powder, and finally into the press room for granulation.
The feeding device is composed of a speed regulating motor, a speed reducer, a hank cylinder and a twisting long shaft.
Speed control motor is composed of three-phase asynchronous AC motor, eddy clutch and tachometer generator. It is used in conjunction with JZT controller, and its output speed can be changed by JDIA electromagnetic speed controller
Folding reducer
The feed reducer adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and the speed reduction ratio is 1.10, which is directly connected with the speed regulating motor to decelerate, so that the effective rotation speed of the feeding auger is controlled between 12~120 rpm
Folding feeding auger
The feeding auger by auger auger shaft and cylinder, ball bearing etc.. The auger is used for feeding and the speed is adjustable, that is to say, the feed quantity is variable, so as to achieve the rated current and output. The auger shaft can be drawn from the right end of the cylinder for cleaning and repairing.