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  • Rotary Dryer

      Rotary dryer machine is also called sawdust rotary dryer, rotary dryer for fertilizer, drum dryer, drying plant, and drying machine. Drum dryer machine can be seen in many industries. Because it is only a carrier, its thermal power is provided by the outer hot air to dry the materials. It has features like big processing capacity, simple maintenance and long service life.

      Special features of rotary dryer machine
      1?By direct or indirect heating, the heating efficiency can be reach up to 95%
      2?Operating under high temperature and low oxygen to avoid materials being self-burning or exploding when drying.
      3?Big drying capacity, highly industrialize and low cost.
      4?Low amount of air are required to save tail gas handling cost.
      5?Rotating part rotates slowly and low abrasion wear.
      6?Firm construction and durable.
      7?Compact structure, big heating area, and smaller installation area.

      Operational principle of rotary dryer machine
      1?Rotary dryer consists of  rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring.
      2?The raw material enters the rotary dryer by electromagnetic vibrating feeder.
      3?There is also a feeding chute at the inlet of sawdust rotary dryer to assit materials going down quickly.
      4?Meanwhile, the hot air generated by burnergoes into the rotary dryer from heating furnace and the material get heated.

      Usage and Character:
      1.  Wood Sawdust Dryer is suitable for drying sawdust, organic material, chemical material and etc. This type rotary dryer has advantage of high drying capacity, stable working performance, low consumption and easy operation                           
      2. The Wood Sawdust Dryer adopts air inhale device to inhale the hot air from air-heating furnace to the inner of dryer to complete heating change with wet material.
      3. According to the different character of material, we use different type lifting plate and Anti-sticking measures. There are multi-angle lifting style lifting plate inside of dryer; during drying, the lifting plate will raising the material evenly, which can ensure the material complete heating change with the hot air enough and also ensure the drying efficiency is good.

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