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Drying equipment industry actively promote energy-saving dry

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In recent years, low carbon environmental protection storm has spread to all walks of life, of course, drug equipment industry is no exception, and with the support of the national energy-saving environmental protection industry, environmental protection more stringent conditions, this gives a lot of technical content is low, the environmental protection facilities of enterprises sounded the alarm.
As everyone knows, is the pharmaceutical industry drying is one of the important working procedures, so drying equipment used in the pharmaceutical field is very extensive, but the drying is large energy consumption in China, with about 12 of total energy consumption of the national economy. In the current environmental protection industry continues to push forward, the promotion of energy-saving drying technology is particularly important.
It is understood that, at present, China's dry energy consumption accounted for the proportion of the total energy consumption of the industry almost 1 times higher than the United Kingdom, the future of enterprises should further seek energy-saving technology upgrading.
At present, as the social progress and development needs, the machinery and equipment industry is also changing from "traditional industries" to "energy saving and environmental protection industries". According to the change of market demand, drying equipment should be continuously upgraded and become a new choice for mechanical equipment to realize energy saving and environmental protection.
In order to realize the strategy of energy saving and environmental protection, we need to rely on Resource-saving development, and make a single and extensive production of dry equipment into a combination and intelligent type. Not only should the process be thoroughly transformed, but also the overall energy saving technological transformation should be carried out, and the drying technology for the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat will be greatly developed.
In the fierce market competition, manufacturing enterprises to drying equipment at the increased equipment and technology investment, playing the "green card" to lead the industry with high quality environmental protection products, the implementation of energy saving and environmental protection.. In order to realize the development strategy of energy saving and environmental protection, the need to rely on resources saving development path, will develop extensive drying equipment for producing a single combination, become intelligent, not only to conduct a thorough renovation in the process, it should be such a comprehensive technological transformation, vigorously develop the application of drying technology of renewable energy and industrial waste heat.
In the fierce market competition, dry equipment manufacturing enterprises should not hesitate to increase equipment and technology investment, green environmental protection brand, to high-quality environmental protection products to lead the development of the industry, the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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