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What is the future trend of shredders?

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As the crusher is widely used in all walks of life, the research and development of the crusher are paid more and more attention both at home and abroad. With the development of economy and society, put forward higher requirements on the grinding equipment, high purity and ultrafine powder of modern engineering technology needs more and more, superfine grinding technology plays an increasingly important role in the high-tech research and development.
It is understood that the current China mill market there is great potential, but the real vitality of the products is not much, and for the majority of researchers and manufacturers of inventions developed can not only solve the practical problems, and has high efficiency of the mill, to fill technology gaps and the world China.
Expert analysis: the future trend of non-metallic mineral raw materials or materials is high purity, ultra-fine and functional. With high purity, superfine, non-metallic mineral processing materials as the leader, the comprehensive development and utilization of non-metallic minerals. Although high-purity ultrafine powders can be prepared by chemical synthesis, the cost is too high to be used in industrial production so far. The main means of obtaining ultrafine powders are still mechanical comminution, and the difficulty of superfine comminution and classification technology depends on the mechanical comminution, and the research depth is endless. Superfine grinding technology is a combination of many aspects of technology, and its development depends on the progress of related technologies, such as the processing of high hardness and high toughness wear-resistant components, high-speed bearings and sub micron particle size distribution measurement. Therefore, the development of ultrafine grinding technology should focus on the following aspects:
1. Develop fine classification equipment and other necessary equipment matched with superfine grinding equipment. The closed circuit combined with superfine grinding and classification equipment can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and ensure the quality of qualified products. It can be said that large quantity of treatment and high precision classification equipment are the key to the development of superfine grinding technology. To more research and development from the point of view of the entire process system, on the basis of existing crushing equipment, improve and support and improve classification equipment, product delivery equipment and other auxiliary process equipment.
2, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and continuously improve and improve ultra-fine grinding equipment. The key of superfine grinding technology is equipment, therefore, it is necessary to develop new super fine grinding equipment and its corresponding classification equipment, which seems more urgent. Grinding aids and surface active dispersants will be used in superfine grinding process.
3. Integration of equipment and process research and development. Ultrafine grinding and classification equipment must adapt to specific material characteristics and product specifications, specifications, models diversity, and there is no efficient and universal for all materials ultra-fine grinding and classification equipment.
4. Develop multi-functional superfine grinding and surface modification equipment. For example, the combination of superfine grinding and drying process, the combination of superfine grinding and surface modification, and the combination of mechanical and chemical principles with superfine grinding technology can expand the application scope of superfine grinding technology. Some new materials with unique properties can be prepared by means of surface coating and solid state mutual dissolution.
5 ? development, research and superfine grinding technology related particle size detection and control technology. Ultrafine particle size detection and control technology is the important condition of realizing industrialization continuous production of superfine powder of. Particle size measuring instruments and measuring control technology are closely related to superfine grinding technology. They must work together with experts in these fields.
Superfine comminution is going into nanometer scale, and the dispersion and evaluation of low pollution resistant materials and nano powders will become a great technical barrier, and the research in this field will be paid more attention to. As the crushing characteristics of various materials are different from each other, the granularity requirements of different industries are different from each other, so enterprises need to create a variety of grinding machines according to different working principles.