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What is the problem of one-step granulation?

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One step granulator auxiliary room should be placed?
One step granulator requires auxiliary equipment such as fans, mufflers, and some connecting pipes. In order to maintain the balance of air volume, are generally made of outdoor folk songs, and then the exhaust to the outside. One is in the clean area, which is convenient for use and maintenance. One is placed in the general production area, that the fan work noise is greater, and the wind pipe cooling, will have adverse effects on the clean area. Which kind of setting is better, please?

Problem of dyeing bacteria in one step granulator!
1. Have you sampled and tested the incoming air? According to your opinion, the HEPA filter is practically useless. Then, the dry air itself may be dangerous;
2, consider adding a disinfectant, and then use two disinfectants alternately to prevent bacterial resistance;
3. Check the production process and check for pollution caused by personnel operation (e.g., bag installation process, etc.);
4 and in addition, if you are cleaning a large amount of water every day, it is not enough to dry the equipment for only one hour. You should consider using compressed air to blow dry the whole space

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