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Clean regularly inside the wood mill [ 2017-07-04 ]
Wood crusher industry in rapid development, production has also increased accordingly, our factory is specializing in the production of wood crusher, shaving machine, chipper and other wood crushing equipment. As we all know, in order for t...
What's the difference between a ring granulator and an ordin [ 2017-07-01 ]
Granulating machine flat die and mold ring two, ring die granulating machine production capacity quickly, and the grain hardness than the flat die. In addition the ring die model, strong selectivity. Processing of pig feed with what can be,...
Working principle of spray drying granulator [ 2017-07-01 ]
The principle and characteristics of spray drying granulator (one-step granulating equipment) is a new type of proprietary Chinese medicine, which combines spray drying technology with fluidized bed granulation technology. The device includ...
What is the problem of one-step granulation? [ 2017-07-01 ]
One step granulator auxiliary room should be placed? Problem of dyeing bacteria in one step granulator!...
Drying equipment industry actively promote energy-saving dry [ 2017-07-01 ]
In recent years, low carbon environmental protection storm has spread to all walks of life, of course, drug equipment industry is no exception, and with the support of the national energy-saving environmental protection industry, environmen...
Introduction of parameters of granulator [ 2017-07-01 ]
The granulating mechanism has the advantages of quick granulation and good effect. The filter screen for designing special holes is carefully screened, and the friction filter rod can crush, sieve and filter the solid particles, and is wide...
Some factors affecting the price of impact crusher [ 2017-07-01 ]
The performance of impact crusher plays an irreplaceable role in various kinds of fine crushing equipment. It is the most effective, practical and reliable stone crusher at present. More and more people are buying impact crushers. The follo...
What are the features of a multi-functional wood mill? [ 2017-07-01 ]
Multifunctional timber mill is developed and a multiple feed port, complete function, can crushing and processing of large diameter logs, sticks, branches, branches, or Corn Cob, corn cob, corn straw, wheat straw and other raw material crus...
What should be paid attention to during the use of wood chip [ 2017-07-01 ]
At present, the sale of wood chipper is very large, which shows that the market demand for wood chipper is super. Then the demand is increasing, it is facing a lot of network started in the online publicity chipper, but customers do not kno...
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