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What are the features of a multi-functional wood mill?

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Multifunctional timber mill is developed and a multiple feed port, complete function, can crushing and processing of large diameter logs, sticks, branches, branches, or Corn Cob, corn cob, corn straw, wheat straw and other raw material crushing and processing of smaller diameter, but also can crush corn, soybean, sorghum, Chinese herbal medicine materials, widely used in crushing projects, landscaping works, letinous edodes in crop processing mushroom cultivation, mechanism charcoal plant and biological organic fertilizer plant, plant biomass and other small and medium sized industrial enterprises and individual business households of main forestry and animal husbandry. A new multifunctional wood crushing equipment, originally to processing large green organic waste turning waste into treasure, create a new renewable energy value, at the same time compared to the original volume of branches after crushing the space of only 1/10, can save a lot of transportation costs effectively, reduce the storage space of the branch area, clean sanitation. To reduce pollution, to create a better social and economic benefits. Especially in orchards, botanical gardens and landscaping departments, trees, trunks and leaves can be crushed and used as green organic fertilizer after landscaping. The utility model can also be mounted on a cart or an agricultural vehicle, which is convenient for pulling, and can be powered by an electric motor, a diesel engine or a gasoline engine.