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What should be paid attention to during the use of wood chip

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At present, the sale of wood chipper is very large, which shows that the market demand for wood chipper is super. Then the demand is increasing, it is facing a lot of network started in the online publicity chipper, but customers do not know these companies actually is not their own factory, in order to earn the difference, also the corresponding price is too high, so that customers in the purchase must be careful when! Li Bo machinery is a real factory, located in Zhengzhou City Water Street, high output, easy to operate. Today, Xiao Bian told you that the wood chipper in the use of attention:
Wood in the wood chipper, first check the dryness, pay attention to transportation, preservation of the environment, the moisture is too sticky in the inside of the device is easy to agglomerate in the air, will make the equipment production to reduce the amount of water, to spread the raw materials drying, drying after fine grinding. The fineness of the chip can be adjusted according to the position of the valve, and the fineness of the finished product should be checked in time. Wood chipper, the amount of fine grinding materials will affect the milling, adhesion will affect loose, wood powder in advance of the sieve, too large particles will affect the yield.